taking pictures FROM the HEART

Hello, I’m Roman Wersh, a photographer based in California, and this is my story.


I was born in Russia and I’ve always been the friend who takes the pictures: 35mm film cameras, iPhones, DSLRs — you name it. I started documenting life through the lens when I was fourteen years old, in my sixteen I joined an urban exploration community in Moscow. My camera was always with me — yep, i m that guy who brings it anywhere even in extreme places and situations. That marked the beginning of a long journey documenting unique and unusual life of underground communities, as well as cityscapes. Along the way, I visited hundreds of scenic view rooftops and hidden places all over the world. I’ve been a winner and participant around 10 photo exhibition of young talented photographers in my country.


My first commercial photoshooting was in 2011. Between 2011 and 2019 a also took thousands portraits of friends. That was a way that i’m learn how to capture a person’s soul and character through photography. In 2013, my friends and I were actively growing the Russian Instagram community. We organized Instameets to bring together various creators. It was during this time that I received my first advertising requests from brands. I approached each project creatively, capturing the brand’s values through media content. I collaborated extensively with local brands, celebrities, and influencers.


Over the years, I worked in various photography styles, including studios, events, real estate, and even as a photojournalist on street protests. However, in 2022, life in my country became extremely unsafe for any political activist who dared to voice opposition against the government’s actions, such as instigating a war. I was immediately forced to leave all my life behind, bid farewell to all my friends, and abandon all of my business in Russia, with no possibility to returning. Today, I’m starting from the new chapter, but my passion and talent to creating inspiring images are what I carried with me across country borders and through the years.